Artist Reception: Stillness in Action featuring Tiril Benton - Alabama Center for the Arts
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Artist Reception: Stillness in Action featuring Tiril Benton

Tiril was born in London, England and now lives in Huntsville, Alabama. Primarily self-taught, she began painting following the death of her mother in 2000. Tiril works primarily in acrylics and paints by automatism, suppressing her conscious mind and allowing her unconscious mind to take over the creative process. She has had solo and group exhibitions in Europe, America, and Japan. Her works belong to private collections in many countries.

“Each painting to me, is a record of an extraordinary moment of existence, a confirmation in the reality of the journey of the spirit,” Tiril stated. “Always cognizant of the tenuous balance necessary for the painting’s evolution, I yield to a greater force. It is within this state of thoughtless awareness I find I am able to connect on a level that I cannot verbalize. I believe that through the language of art, and the employment of color we are able to communicate on the highest vibrational level.”

“stillness in action” will remain open until Monday, August 1.

Reception is free and open to the public.